2. Filme

Bruno Bozzetto, The Best of Bruno Bozzetto
1999, Home Vision Entertainment, Chicago

Wolter Braamhurst/Guus van Waveren, Ducktators
1997, First Run Features/Ikarus Films, New York

Alison Burns, Richard Condie´s Family Album
1999, National Film Board of Canada, Montreal

Curtis Hanson, Wonder Boys
2000, Mutual Film Company, Hollywood

Werner Herzog, Mein liebster Feind: Klaus Kinski
1999, Werner Herzog Film Productions, München/Café Productions, London/Zephir Film Produktion, London

Margaret Selby, Chuck Jones: Extremes and In-Betweens, A Life in Animation
2000, Warner Home Video, Burbank

Terry Zwigoff, Crumb
1994, Superior Pictures, San Francisco